The position is responsible for generating revenue through active trading and management of the various treasury products while mitigating underlying risks to ensure growth of the bank’s forex business on a sustainable basis. The focus is to generate FX income and management of various risk for the bank in addition to funding the bank through various FX products.



Profitability and Liquidity Management

  • Manage pricing & spot rate given to all units for the department to ensure deals are profitably booked.
  • Servicing currency requirements for corporate clients and ensuring maximum returns from these relationships
  • Manage the positions generated by the corporate and retail transactions and ensure profitable covering of all transactions affecting the Bank’s currency positions and revenue targets are met within prescribed limits.
  • Product development to hedge against exposure created by customer transactions e.g. spot, forward and swaps.
  • Trade in Foreign Exchange to achieve budget for foreign exchange revenue.
  • Keep track of exchange and interest rate movements in local and   international   markets   while   managing   the bank’s position in accordance with the market trends.

Strategy development and Implementation

  • Implement the Treasury trading strategy on all currency pairs traded based on fundamental and technical analysis in liaison with the Head of Treasury.
  • Provide competitive quotes to the FX customers and cover client flows.
  • Maintaining contact with key players in the industry and gathering information that is likely to affect financial markets.

Product and Process Improvements

  • Actively contribute to improvements in quality/efficiency of treasury products delivery processes
  • Carrying out market survey and intelligence to establish forex opportunities.

Compliance to Policies

  • Manage all Inter-Bank Foreign Exchange trading unit activities ensuring all procedures and policies are followed without exception.
  • Maintain exchange positions for the bank within the given parameters and ensure profitable covering of open FX positions in the interbank markets.



  • Hands on banking experience for a period of not less 4 years, with at least a minimum of 2 years in direct FX SPOT trading and treasury operations.
  • The job holder will be handling one of the jobs in the Bank with the highest level of stress and is expected to remain focused and maintain high levels of discipline
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Treasury function from end to end including the Back-Office processing component
  • Comprehensive understanding of all Treasury products including foreign exchange, money markets, derivatives and fixed income
  • A strong understanding of risk management
  • Working knowledge of all the bank’s products



  • Good working experience in a dealing room/ Treasury front office functions. Money markets, Foreign Exchange Interbank Trading & Co-operate sales.
  • Experience in using Treasury Electronic dealing systems: Thomson Reuters EIKON/ FXT and Bloomberg.
  • Good working relationship with Electronic FX Brokers.
  • Experience in handling KEPPS system and working environment.
  • Comprehensive understanding of forex business market both interbank, SME & co-operate sectors.
  • Good understanding of local and global market regulations applicable to foreign exchange.
  • A good understanding of micro and macroeconomics to interpret likely interest rate trends both locally and on the international markets
  • Knowledge of local and international market events and their likely impact on interest rates
  • Clear understanding of the Bank’s vision, mission, corporate objectives and strategy
  • Networking with Central Bank and other interbank players



  • Bachelor’s degree
  • ACI Dealing Certificate
  • Certificate in banking Kenya Institute of Bankers.



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