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Online banking allows you to bank whenever, wherever. It cuts out the need of going to the bank saving you time and money. When you have an internet connection, you have your own personal branch with you.

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Emergency Loan

This is a short term facility targeted at salaried clientele. It’s meant to meet short term needs such as emergencies, medical bills, school fees etc.

Check-Off Loan

This is a check-off facility targeted at salaried clientele.

It’s both short and long term advance and mostly for development purposes but can also be used to cater for short term needs such as school fees.

  • The  driving  factor/unique selling point  of  this  type  of loan product  is  that it  leverages  the  underlying value of  the  said  asset as the main source of  security for  the  loan. This is achieved by way of bank ownership over the asset financed.

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