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Online banking allows you to bank whenever, wherever. It cuts out the need of going to the bank saving you time and money. When you have an internet connection, you have your own personal branch with you.

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Sidian Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life Assurance

Cover whereby insurance policy remains in force as long as you are alive and the proceeds are paid to your beneficiaries at maturity of the policy or time of death or on the agreed choice of term depending on the client’s choice.


Death comes unexpectedly and as a result of this many families face financial difficulties, especially if you are the bread winner.
Our Life assurance products offer peace of the mind, knowing that your loved ones will be able to meet their financial obligations in the event of your untimely demise.

Sidian Farewell plan

This is a quick cash payout that helps families manage the burden of meeting funeral costs and debts you may have when you pass away.


Provide funeral benefits for the main member, spouse and up to 4 children.

Payment done within 48hrs after claim has been launched  and relevant documents provided.

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Credit Life

This is an insurance policy that you as a borrower can take out to pay your lender at a time when you can't pay the loan installments due to death, retrenchment or when you are permanently disabled.


Life is unpredictable and death comes unexpectedly as a result of this many families face financial difficulties, especially if one had a loan facility, having Sidian credit insurance policy pick up your loan payments can be a big help at a very stressful moments.

Claims Procedure

Claims documents required for benefit payment:

  • Death notification
  • Burial permit and Police abstract in case of accidental death
  • Copy of ID/ Birth Certificate of the deceased
  • Copy of ID of registered beneficiary

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