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Jibebe Open Individual Loan

This is an individual loan facility.

Jibebe Open Individual Loan

This is an individual loan facility granted with no mandatory requirement for the borrower to contribute cash collateral.

Uber and Sidian Partnership

On 25th May 2016, Uber and Sidian Bank announced they have partnered to launch an innovative Uber Vehicle Solutions Programme that will give driver-partners and business investors convenient and affordable access to the quality vehicles they need to start or grow their Uber-based businesses. This comes shortly after Uber celebrated 1 million rides taken in Kenya since its launch just 15 months ago.

The ground breaking vehicle access initiative includes a vehicle finance component delivered through Sidian Bank and a vehicle leasing solution made available through Zohari Leasing. The initiative is valued at a total of approximately Ksh 10 billion (USD 100 million).

According to Nate Anderson, Acting General Manager for Uber in Kenya, the Vehicle Solutions Programme follows similar offerings that have recently been launched by Uber in partnership with WesBank, with great success in South Africa as well as in a number of international locations where Uber has a presence.

“By enabling qualifying driver-partners and investors to afford reliable, high-quality vehicles, Uber is not only helping them to establish and grow their businesses,” Anderson points out, “we are also building an even more sustainable ride-sharing network in Kenya which moves us forward towards achieving our vision of being a first-choice transport solution for everyone in the country.”

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Chama Biashara Loan

A loan facility designed for micro clients within groups, who agree with the co-guarantee mechanism for individual borrowing.

School Fees Loan

A loan product designed to ease the financial burden on school fees payment.

Retail Business Loan

These are business loan facilities meant for entrepreneurs for working capital finance.

SME Corporate Loan

These are business loan facilities for entrepreneurs for development projects.

Maji ni Maisha

This is a loan product aimed at Water Service Providers (WSPs) to develop water infrastructure.

Tabibu Loan

The facility is available for private companies in the medical sector, such as:

  • Health facilities: clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers, pharmacies, chemists.
  • Health training institutes: private nursing schools, health training institutes.
  • Suppliers to the health sector: distributors of medical equipment and technology, distributors/wholesalers of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

All the above can apply for a facility to improve access and quality of their services.

Ungana Investment Loans

It is a facility designed for micro clients who have a common investment venture. The amount borrowed goes to the entire group and not to individual members within the group. 

Kilimo Plus Micro

This is a facility custom-made for smallholder and medium-scale farmers in all agricultural sectors done for commercial purposes.

Chai Loan

A product to bridge finance gaps for tea farmers based largely on their monthly tea earnings as well as bonuses.

Dharura Loan

This is a short term micro-facility available to entrepreneurs to take care of financial emergencies.

Jaza Stock Loan

This is a quick, short term micro-facility available to entrepreneurs for the purchase of stocks. 

Jibebe Flex Loan

Jibebe Flex Loan is an individual loan facility granted with a customer’s contribution of 20% held as collateral for the period of then loan.

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